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Peace and blessings, family!

I hope you've had a chance to review our brand new website at:


The launch of this new site brings our members a new-and-improved legislation round-up, event listings, clearer membership details/benefits, and blogs devoted to member and policy news.


We hope you like our new look and the site serves as a valuable resource to the industry.


Our mission is to inspire and promote impactful solutions to some of the most critical issues we face through the power of civic engagement.


Join our community of advocates and allies as we work towards a better and more just world. 


We're also entering conference mode here at the CRJ office as we prepare for this year's inaugural event, which will take place in January 2022.


Soon we'll be announcing this year's venue, panelists, workshop themes, and the awards submission process for the Justice in Black Awards.


I look forward to reading your ideas and contributions to make this year's event a great success.


As a reminder, this year's theme is Reparations Now, which has generated a lot of excitement and buzz due to heightened awareness of the work we do everyday to bring more reparative justice to our communities.

-- Khansa Jones-Muhammad, President

Featured Video of the Week

Our Code of Conduct

We commit ourselves, collectively, to the interests of Black Americans and as individuals subscribe to the following statements:


  • I regard as my primary obligation the welfare of the Black American individual, Black American family, and Black American community and will engage in action for improving social conditions. 

  • I give precedence to this mission over my personal interest.

  • I adopt the concept of a Black extended family and embrace all Black people as my brothers and sisters, making no distinction between their destiny and my own.

  • I accept the responsibility to protect the Black American community against unethical and hypocritical practice by any individual or organizations engaged in social welfare activities.

  • I stand ready to supplement my paid or professional advocacy with voluntary service in the Black American public interest.

  • I will consciously use my skills, and my whole being as an instrument for social change, with particular attention directed to the establishment of Black American social institutions.


The specific purpose of the CRJ includes but is not limited to political education, organizing, and taking effective political action in the interest of the Black American community around the demand that politicians and government at all levels provide, commit to, and deliver to Black Americans a targeted, specific political and economic agenda to close the lineage wealth gap and endorse and commit to the our movement's National Agenda including reparations for Black Americans by the United States government.

Belief ≈ We believe that when our voices and histories are deliberately and intentionally recognized, the opportunity for justice emerges and a foundation is formed for repair on different levels.

Duties ≈ ​We actively serve and promote the betterment and uplift of Black Americans.

Who We Are ≈ We love ourselves, meaning we are self-aware.


We are achievers, meaning we have a great deal of stamina and we work hard.


We are activators, meaning we make things happen by turning thoughts into action.


We are believers, meaning we have certain core values that are unchanging.  


We are connected, meaning we believe in the links between us (there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason).


We are contextual, meaning we understand the present by researching its history.


We are developers, meaning we recognize and cultivate the potential in others.

We are maximizers, meaning we seek to transform something strong into superb.


We are positive, meaning we have an enthusiasm that is contagious.


We are responsible, meaning we are committed to stable values (e.g., honesty and loyalty).


We use the power within ourselves to restore sanity to our community.

We take moral inventory of ourselves despite the pallpable fear of what lies beneath.

We start by validating our past, taking personal inventory, and dealing with the new issues.

We seek the knowledge, the truth, and the power to carry out reparations initiatives.

We try to carry this message with us and practice these principles in all our affairs.

In closing, thank you for showing interest in the CRJ and we hope to help effect change.

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