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CRJ SCOOP: Summer 2021 News

Racism is a public health crisis
Please Note:
  • Issues relating to Covid-19, reparations, and a Black agenda have dominated the policy landscape; there are huge challenges that will impact on Black Americans’ lives, and their basic needs. 

  • The CRJ has continued to work on a range of policy issues during the pandemic, and relevant consultations and inquiries - recent submissions and responses have included the passage of Assembly bill (AB) 3121, the campaign to FixHR40, the review of policy memos for the R.E.P.A.I.R. Act, and the advocacy on appropriate appointments for the task force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans.

  • In a context of Government relations activity and unprecedented change, it can be challenging for a small organization like CRJ to know where to prioritize our policy focus to develop a distinct policy voice for advocacy. Our test for what areas of policy, consultations and local legislative issues to engage with is guided by their relevance to reparations and access to reparative justice.​​

  • Strategically, where can our voice add most value? What type of policy changes that we can work towards will have the most impact? LET US KNOW HERE.

Unity will help us reach new heights. 
We must stand strong together against the effects of anti-blackness, terrorism, & hatred. We must fight to repair issues that are directly infecting our homes, schools, churches, communities, cities, states, and the globe. We must change the trajectory of our lives and march toward a more hopeful future, which is in our control. 
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