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The Executive Team

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KJ Muhammad, better known as Friday Jones, is one of three Co-Chairs and a founding member of NAASD Los Angeles. KJ is the author and publisher of a self-help memoir “The Real Friday Jones.” KJ is a Budget Representative for Empowerment Congress West Area Neighborhood Council and served as a Budged Advocate for the City of Los Angeles for fiscal year 2019/2020. KJ is a former candidate for Los Angeles City Council and is an active member of New Frontier Democratic Club and Black Women’s Democratic Club in Los Angeles.

KJ has over 20 years in business management with emphasis on managing high net worth individuals and entertainment clientele. KJ has worked with Grammy Award Winning Artists, studio heads and the managing director of Goldman Sachs West. KJ has also managed multi- state commercial real estate portfolios, overseen the construction of a production sound stage in Canoga Park and the initial construction of a hospital in Papua New Guinea, in addition to managing the day to day affairs of her clients.

KJ is a proud graduate of Howard University and most recently the Los Angeles African American Women’s Political Policy Institute 2020. In her mind’s eye she is a dancer and occasional actress, in real life she does pretty good math!

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Chad Brown

Vice President

Chad Brown is an an Agency Development Partner at who has 18 years of experience in business development and portfolio management across digital media advertising, sales and financial service industries. He specializes in Online Marketing, National Direct & Agency Sales, Online Lead Generation, Business Development, Negotiation, Account Strategy & Management, Display Advertising.


Chad has a proven record of organizational leadership and brand ambassadorship. Currently, he serves as an Advisory Board Member of NAASD Los Angeles where he helps grow social justice movements and pushes for nationwide reparations based on lineage, not race.

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Natalie Hatcher
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